[Cotton velour & Microfiber] MF - Rotary

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cotton velour puff, microfiber, rotary, powder, compact, sealing, make-up tool

Flocked Foam (Flocking)
  • This product is made by planting the pile on urethane sponge. It is used for applying powder, compact and twin cake.
  • Although it has superior application or spreadability, skin trouble may appear in sensitive skin.
Fluffy & Polyester (Velvet)
  • It is mainly used for applying powder or blusher.
  • It is suitable for velvet powder-type make-up and it has excellent touch and application when wearing make-up.
  • It has the high pile restoration power even after cleaning the puff.
Cotton velour & Microfiber​
  • The fabric has soft feel and has superior texture. It has low price.
  • It is the most widely used for using powder-type cosmetics.

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