[Puff Mask] Fit puff mask

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FADETTE   Antimicrobial rubycell fit puff mask 


It's made from a cosmetic puff material so it doesn't irritate your skin,

May prevent makeup from clumping or sticking out.

Depending on the environment in which the product is worn, choose a soft product that absorbs water (sweat) well and a fit product that breathless and breathable.

* 1 patent applications, 12 design registrations, and 2 trademark registrations.

* You can wear it in two different ways depending on your face shape.

* Snap buttons are available that can be customized according to the face shape. 

* Products that can be reused after cleaning.

FADETTE   Antimicrobial rubycell fit puff mask

Mask & Cleansing
  • Puff Mask / Cellulose / Konjac / Natural / Viscose / Filter / PVA sponge

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