[Puff Mask] Air puff mask

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TWOway   Antimicrobial rubycell air puff mask



No skin irritation due to the use of the inside of the mask as a cosmetic puff material.

Formes penetration holes for smooth breathing outside and exhalation of breath inside the mask.

A product that adds functions (antibacterial, fine dust, preventing misting, etc.) to a fashion mask.

* 2 patent applications, 14 design registrations, and 2 trademark registrations.

* You can wear it in two different ways depending on your face shape.

* Snap buttons are available that can be customized according to the face shape. 

* Mask style can be selected according to filter detachment method.

* Filter is reused after washing without purchase. [Antibacterial durability certification]

FADETTE   Antimicrobial rubycell air puff mask 

Mask & Cleansing
  • Puff Mask / Cellulose / Konjac / Natural / Viscose / Filter / PVA sponge

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