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FADETTE   Multifunctional massage tools


[Newly developed antimicrobial ruby​​cell (PU) rotating air hole puff]

1. It is applied evenly so as not to smudge or lift, and maintains long-lasting and


2. It enhances adhesion to the depths of pores without a separate tool such as a spatula.

3. Make-up is well applied to the skin, enabling thin and light make-up.

4. It is free from hand germs and contamination, and it is possible to use hygienically and cleanly with continuous antibacterial power.

5. It is economical because it does not absorb a lot of cosmetics (contents) inside,

Economical, washable with water (neutral detergent) and reusable,

It is economical because it can be used longer than general cushion puffs due to its durability due to multi-casting.

6. The puff is firm and elastic, so rolling is smooth, and even beginners can easily adjust the force and apply makeup quickly.


" No more laborious multiple dabs."

Clean makeup is possible with the FADETTE air hole puff, which can adhere thinly and completely without being lifted, and cuts makeup time by more than half.

[Multifunctional beauty tool that allows you to massage the entire body and apply cosmetics or ointment by yourself]

1. Since there is a rotating body that can be rotated and fixed, you can apply cosmetics or ointment to your face, hands, and feet by pushing or   rolling the body.

2. It has the effect of evenly spreading cosmetics by pushing or rolling them in the vertical or horizontal direction. 

3. The handle and body can be separated, and the desired shape of frame can be configured by simple attachment and detachment, and the angle of the rotating body can be adjusted at your convenience.

4. Puffs, sponges, and massage rolls can be used by inserting them into the rotating body according to the purpose.

5. You can scratch your back or apply lotion (ointment) that you can't reach by yourself. 

6. You can apply makeup by holding the handle without getting cosmetics into your hands.  

2 patented & 4 designs registered

FADETTE   Multifunctional Massage tools 

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